Fantastic Far-west

Photos: Baikuntha Gautam/Kishor Khadka

Nepal is a country rich in natural and cultural attractions. Though tourism activities are centered mostly in eastern, central and western parts of the country, the mid and far-western Nepal also offers unbeatable tourism attractions. The region can be termed a treasure trove of tourism attractions ranging from snow-capped peaks, far-flung villages, serene lakes, lush green pasturelands, fast-flowing rivers, great religious and cultural diversity, and different species of flora and fauna. These attractions are yet to be exploited for tourism purpose as the region was not easily accessible in the past. Now, good roads connect the region to rest of the country. Similarly, regular flights are available to Dhangadhi – the commercial hub of the far-west region – from Kathmandu. Dhangadhi is the gateway to the far-west.

One can enjoy adventure activities like trekking, mountaineering, skiing and rafting in far-western region. Likewise, the region is rich in terms of cultural attractions. Khaptad, Ramaroshan, Chainpur, Urai La, Shuklapantha, Patal Bhumeshwar cave, Badi Malika, Tripura Sundari, Malikarjun, and Api and Saipal are some of the popular destinations in the far-western region.

taad temple

Most of these areas have quality accommodations, while new hotels are being built in other places. Similarly, local tourism organizations are producing trained hands like guides, through trainings and orientation sessions, to provide quality service to visitors. Locals are ready to welcome guests with open arms.

Below are some pictures of a trip to Khaptad, one of the major tourist destinations in the far-western region

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